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How do I make a program start on my usb when you click on it in My Computer?? Answered

I have written a program in vbs and put it on my usb. When you start it it asks you for a password then if you get it right it unlocks some folder if you get it wrong it asks you to return it to a spesifc (can't spell) address. My question is how do I make that program start when you click on the usb in My Computer???



9 years ago

What type of USB is it?  The only USBs that are designed for autorun are U3 USBs, such as the Sandisk Cruiser.  You can get a U3 Universal Customizer and do all of the setup work with the info found here or here.  Note: the download for the U3 Universal Customizer is not there, but you can just google it or get it where he gets it.


9 years ago

 Based on what you have said, your only option is going tto be a autorun.inf.

put this code into a text file, and save as autorun.inf on your flash drive using notepad/wordpad.


You can use this switch if you want to make a custom icon:


9 years ago

 would some sort of autorun.ini work?


Answer 9 years ago

Unless autorun is turned off.
But that p/w protection still have to be killed.


9 years ago

It sounds like the flash drive has a built in P/W protection. Open the drive, make sure there are no hidden files and look for a folder with the P/W option, and disable it.
Then put your program on the top level, not in a folder and try that.