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How do I make a yoyo sleep for 3- 4 minutes ? Answered

I have loved yoyoing from birth. I have been wondering how to make my transaxle yoyo sleep for approximately 3-4 minutes. Do I just need to get better friction stickers? Is there any way to make stickers as well?



Best Answer 10 years ago

4 friction stikers (2 on each side) wd-40 your axle buy a new string and dont twist your yo-yo too tight so the string has room to move doing that got me a good.... 2-3 mins. hope that helped! :)

I have no idea how to make friction stcikers but there pretty cheap so I would just buy 'em

No problem, however, do you have a way to make friction stickers? could you also explain what they do? I twist my own string, so that's an easy one. I have a generic metal transaxle yoyo, so I can't really specify .