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How do I make an Induction Furnace? Answered

I know the basic principle, but I can't seem to figure out how to design my own.
If you know of any resources, those would help a ton :)

The other thing that bugs me about induction furnaces is the size of the work coil.  Why are almost all of the work coils so small? (in turns)  It seems like the more turns the better, regardless of the power you're shoving through them.  The only reason that I could imagine is cooling, but I'm still clueless.

Thanks I'bles!



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Answer 10 years ago

I've read that page before. It explains the design choice between the series and parallel resonant tanks, but not why the work coil has such small inductance.

I don't see a reason why you need lower inductance to make the tank resonate at your work frequency. A simple tank cap. adjustment (make it smaller) should do the trick. Also, with such a low number of turns, the work coil's inductance won't change very much with the addition of more turns (order of magnitude appx). Is the theory that with a larger work coil you have more resistive losses?

Thanks for the re-link, though.