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How do I make an ariel for a TV? Answered



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Best Answer 11 years ago

cut 2 pieces of up to few mm thick metallic cable or pipe. each should be in length 1/4 the wave length of the station you want to recieve

connect them to 1 stick 1/2 the wavelength but so they won't be in electrical contact

connect a wire to each in the place where they meet each other

get the wires in parallel (maybe a bit twisted together) to the 2 screws on the tv

if your tv has coax input then try to connect 1 to the center and 1 to the shield. that does not allways work well. it may be better to use a converter plug frm 2 screws to coax

hold the antenna thru an isolator and play with its location and aiming

a sight and reflector may sometimes help :

cut 2 more pieces of that wire or pipe. one about 20 mm longer and one 20 mm shorter than the stick you allready have

arrange all 3 like III with proportions such that they form a square and the actual antenna is the center one

use isolating materials to hold them like that

aim with the shorter one to where the broadcast comes from or big concrete walls which may reflect the broadcast. if 1 is the shortest one then it should be

III <---- ( ( ( broadcast