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How do I make an atomizer? Answered

Okay, I have been looking everywhere and I can't for the life of me find a simple explanation on how to make one, for perfume bottles, I really would like to make a vintage looking pump/hose spray nozzle for a perfume bottle I have.
I saw a diagram on this site at this link however nothing explaining on how to build one...



5 years ago

Use a sprayer from another bottle, there are some pump style ones that don't need inside pressure to work.


5 years ago

OK this works, I just went into the Kitchen to try it out

Cut about half way through the straw. Bend back. Place vertical part in some liquid and blow.

If your looking to do this in a small space use brass tubing rather than a straw.

IF you want a very fine spray you need to go to the venturi Jack shows you.

Most perfume bottle - at least the one my wife has here are just the simple 2 tube method.

Of course a pressurised perfume bottle works slight differently as the pressure is inside pushing the liquid out through a small hole. One way to do this is to put the inlet on the side causing the liquid to swirl round the inside of the cap chamber. A small hole allows it to come out where it will form a cone of liquid droplets. I use this idea as a garden sprinkler - OK to be honest my Father made it in the 1960's from a large old brass nut he found but it works fine.

Atomiser.jpgspray cap.jpg
Jack A Lopez

5 years ago

You're talking about the diagram Lemonie upped,like 4 years ago, which looks almost just like the diagram from the Wikipedia article titled, "Atomizer nozzle".

And I have to admit both those diagrams do not exactly make sense to me either. It just looks like two pipes with their ends placed near each other.

And maybe that shape will work? I dunno.

I mean supposedly this magic is all based on something called Bernoulli's Principle: i.e. fast moving air has lower pressure than slow moving air.

While I'm dropping names, the shape of the air channel is often called a Venturi, and I think all that is is a constriction, a place where the pipe becomes smaller, thus forcing the air to move faster, thus making a region of low pressure, a low pressure region your gasoline, or perfume, or paint, or whatever, will naturally fall into, and get pulled apart into tiny droplets.

There also exists something related called a Venturi vacuum pump, which is the cheapest kind of vacuum pump there is, because it is just a block of aluminum with some air channels in it. A source of compressed air is required to produce the vacuum. So high pressure air makes low pressure air, some dark magic indeed.

But what are the shape of those air channels? To answer this, I submit the phrase "venturi vacuum pump" to Google(r) Images.


Next I'm just going to pick one of those pictures that I think looks pretty, and re-up it at the bottom of this post. BTW, image source page is:


I think this picture is similar, but a little different from the crude 2-pipes-at-right-angle atomizer diagrams I already mentioned. I mean this one has a big constriction on the incoming air, and also a mixing chamber downstream. So it really looks like it'll do something. ;-)

Anyway, that's all I've got. If you happen to build something that works, please write back, or better yet, write an instructable explaining how you did it, because others may be curious to know how this magic works.


5 years ago

The diagram is pretty self explanatory. Air is forced through the upper tube. The air blows across the top of the tube in the liquid. The upper tube is also putting air into the bottle to help push liquid up the tube.