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How do I make an illuminated perspex sheet for a Mazda MX5 Mk1 (Uk)? Answered

Basically I want to replace the windblocker with clear perspex sheet with a word cut out and when I brake the letters are illuminated in red but also have the option to leave the light on but illuminated blue. Any Ideas?

I'm a newbie re wiring and leds, not stupid but as simple as possible please.



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10 years ago

If you scratch the surface of perspex (acrylic plastic) you will find that when you light the edge of the sheet with say LEDS then the scratched design will glow.

Even better find someone with CNC capability to engrave the sheet for you - Trophy engraving shops may be able to so this.

It isn't impossible to go to your local DIY shop and buy a set of stencil letters for a router and using a V bit route your message into the sheet of plastic.


will give you the necessary information to light the LEDs from your 12 volt supply.


Answer 10 years ago

We'll laser etch it for a fellow UK 'ibler for free. Contact me via PM.