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How do I make fake bullets? Answered

I want to make fake bullets not for like props or anything, but because I want to make a bullet belt, but because I'm in Canada you can't have real bullets unless you have a gun licence


Doc Holliday

5 years ago

Use a real bullet as a template for a mold. Look up "lost wax casting".

Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

I'm a Canadian and a hand loader (I make my own bullets).

You can't buy live ammunition without a POL. or a PAL.

However you can buy spent casings and bullets for reloading you just can't buy the powder or primers.

Just go to your local gun show and buy the parts.

You don't say what province you live in in your profile and this can change by province.

The next gun show in Orangeville Ontario is Jun 1 and there you can get a list of every gun show in Ontario. If you Google gun shows you can find them all over Canada there is a gun show almost every Sunday in different towns in Ontario.



5 years ago


make out of plastic clay - Sculpy (USA) (Fimo in UK)

Carve out of wood.

Make a silicone mould from a real (or fake bullet) and then cast them in resin or plaster depending on how hard they need to be.

Buy fake bullets, I feel sure you can.

If it were me i would make a wax mould and pour resin into it. then paint.

Why wax, Cheap, available, nothing sticks to it, reusable, good detail, Simple to use.

Make the patterns from wood. Fill with filling plaster or car repair resin.

If necessary melt out the wax in a warm oven and reuse.