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How do I make my own CaddyShack golf bag ? Answered

 I was curious about how I would go about building my own Caddyshack golf bag.  I would like to run two 4"x6" , or 5" speaks connected to some sort of ipod dock or just ipod.  I figure I would use a ATV or car battery connected to some sort of inverter then run an ipod connected to speakers.  I want to use this in the upcoming bay to breakers run.  If possible I also want to have a three gallon pony keg to dispense beer as we walk.  If you have any ideas of how I can make this work or have tips suggesting a different idea of to go about the same idea, please help.  Thank you


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10 years ago

I agree with using one of those Heineken or Newcastle mini kegs, but forget the huge 12v battery. That's so 80's! 
This guy (or gal) has the right idea:
It's a golf bag that includes a tap and an ice pack for the mini keg and they say is keeps it cold for hours.
Or go low tech and just buy a bag big enough to fit a mini keg, use a plastic bag and lots of ice!

You can even add a real oldschool phone using your cell phone and this:
You also don't need a car sterio or heavy tv if you use an iphone or ipod touch to watch your caddy shack movie. Just hook up some speakers. I think the Paddy's Caddy golf bag has you covered there too though if you don't want to mess around with making one yourself... but where is the fun in that.
Love the Instructables site by the way.


11 years ago

I wouldn't use an inverter as it would use too much power and require a large battery.
DVD players, run on 12V and can have a built in battery that will run a few hours.
Car Stereo as an amp for IPod 12V or a modified boombox (wire the IPod into the cassette).
A Netbook would be a cool addition to update it
As far as the pony keg goes, 3 GALLON!!
Maybe one of the Heineken kegs and enough room for ice.
I hope this puppy has wheels!
Perhaps a  kids ride on battery powered car rigged with remote control to haul it around.
OK, I'd better stop now.
Don't forget to post it as an Instructable, I wanna see it.


11 years ago

But a big golf bag an accessorize it with all kinds of electronic goodies.  Don't forget to put in some battery power and a charging station.