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How do I make this MULLET SKIRT?? Answered

Yep, you heard me, mullet skirt.
I am in love with this skirt, but the shipping would cost me more than the actual skirt!
I am decent at sewing and it seems like it could be kind of easy, but normally I use patterns. Does anyone know of a pattern, tutorial, or even a drawing of the shape I could cut to make this?? 



Best Answer 7 years ago

It's not actually that simple as half circle because it's much wider at the bottom than it is on waistline.

I made this drawing of how I think it's made, but I haven't yet thought out the formula to calculate it. It has to be three variable function. (To get the radius of both circles and the offset between their centers. Known values are backside length, frontside length, waistline cicumference and desired overlap. Some advanced geometry mathemathics neede here. I do not have time at the moment to dig into those schoolbooks for it.)

If You want it soo much You could draw it on paper in some reasonable scale and measure, adjust on next drawing and so on until you get close enouch. Maybe it has to be a bit more elliptical some way. And be generous with the front length, the angle there is steep and it might come out different than expected.


Answer 7 years ago

Hey wow, thanks! this is perfect! Yeah I knew it wasnt as easy as a circle skirt. I think you are totally right with your drawing. I will give it a few trial runs first!

Thanks so much!


7 years ago

looks like its something simple like a large half circle