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How do I mix worm castings into my garden? Answered

In about a month I will have some worm castings. I already have flower beds and vegetables in my yards (tomatos, okra, zuccinni, rosemary, and basil). When I have the castings, do I just lay them on top of the soil or should I dig up some holes and put the castings underground?


LaMar Solarcabin

9 years ago

Worm castings are high nitrogen so use sparingly or you will burn the plants.

Use a dowel or spike and make a 1 inch wide by 6 inch deep hole next to plant roots and fill it with the castings. This will feed the roots for a couple months then repeat.

You can also make compost tea by filling a bucket 1/3 full of the worm catings and the rest of the way with water. Sit it in a shady spot for 2-3 days and give it a stir occasionally. The water will absorb the nutrients and can be poured or sprayed on plant soil.

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10 years ago

Use them the same way you would use other fertilizer or compost. If you put 'em on the surface the nutrients will gradually soak into the ground, but will disperse somewhat in the process -- which may be good or bad depending on whether you've got several plants next to each other that you want to feed (or whether you're trying to avoid feeding weeds). Putting 'em closer to the roots of a particular plant will help that plant, but since digging can break roots and hurt the plant I wouldn't do so unless you were already repotting/replanting. Or save 'em and mix them into the soil before planting something new.