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How do I patent my invention? Answered

I want to patent one of my biggest inventions but i don't know where to start



Best Answer 8 years ago

Establish the date of your invention NOW !

Do this by writing a good on or two page description, make 7 copies and
have them signed by a trusted friend as read and understood by.

Then snail mail certified seven letters to yourself.

This protects you from a stupid patent judge ruining your innovation
precedence date by opening your only proof of same.

Get a professional patent search report before you even think lawyer.



Answer 8 years ago

Thanks that really helps me. Do I send the letters to my friend and have him send them to me, or do I just have them read it and sign it then send it to myself.


Answer 8 years ago

Just have ONE trusted friend read and sign 7 copies.
Then send 7 separate snail mail enveloped registered letters it to yourself.
When you receive them, DO NOT OPEN but lock them in two places and
a safety deposit box.

You have to get that search done soon. How will you know if some one is
even close ?

I live in one of the seven towns that have a repository of all American Patents
and did my own search but a professional found 3 that I missed. Years ago it
cost me $300 and lawyers using the same girl were charging $1500
for the same service.


6 years ago

I'm an inventor and this answer is complete and absolute nonsense. However you do not have to use a patent attorney you can do it all yourself and get a year's patent pending for free. I suggest you check out DIY PATENT ONLINE by Thomas Faraday it's a great easy-read ebook, which tells you how to do it all yourself internationally and includes all the official fees. It isn't selling a patenting services or trying to con you, it tells you exactly how to patent without using a patent attorney. Check out the diypatentonline.com website.


Answer 6 years ago

You wound me, Jumping in as you Spout...:(

Here is one of my eight patents Lets See Yours !! ?

BTW  I don't believe you ever had to defend a patent in court.



Answer 6 years ago

Thank you for the information! This seems like a great alternative and I will definitely start looking into this!


8 years ago

Most inventions never earn a dime. Publishing the patent only notifies everyone in the world of how they can build one also. So major companies can change one or 2 small ideas of your invention and they can get their own patent. I have gotten a patent on a small TV filter so i know something about it. Getting a patent search and a patent costed me and 2 friends a total of 5 thousand dollars. that was about 20 years ago, so prices are probably double that nowadays. We were able to sell some of our items... and we barely sold enough over 2 years to get our investment back. Most patents do not even do that well. If i had it to do over again, I would just skip the patent and sell the item. Then we would have been 5 thousand dollars AHEAD instead of just breaking even! If the item starts selling like hotcakes, then consider a patent.


Answer 8 years ago

Thanks, yeah I don't really have a few thousand just laying around so I don't think I will patent my idea yet, maybe sometime in the future.


8 years ago

IF your serious be prepared to spend 1000's of $ or £ !!! You really need to talk to a patent agent.


this isn't something you should risk DIY.