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How do I prepare cotton yarn for dyeing? Answered

I am about to have my first go at hand dyeing yarn. I am using cotton and it seems all of the preparation instructions are for wool. What do I need to do to prepare my cotton yarn for dyeing?




10 years ago

Mix 1 cup arm and hammer washing soda (not baking soda) with 1 gallon warm water to dissolve. Wet your items to be dyed in enough of this solution before dying to thoroughly moisten. This helps hold the dye. Use dye as directed. Have fun!


10 years ago

As long as it is clean, I don't think it needs any preparation, since plant fibres do not contain the fats that wool does.

Your bigger problem is fixing the dye. Make sure you use the proper mordant.

(As an aside, I dyed a cotton labcoat bright red with Dylon brand dye in the washing machine with no pre- or post-treatment, and it stayed bright for years.)