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How do I put a simple micro motor electrical circuit together? How do I achieve my goal of making this micro motor work? Answered

I have a micro motor where the specs are DC 12V.
At where I reside, the voltage output is 220V AC.

I am looking to imitate a simple circuit which currently contains the following:

A motor (DC 12V)
A switch (volume like control switch)
A component (i dont know what its called) where you can insert a small round plug from an adapter where the output specs are: 5.5V DC and 600mA 3.5W

However, this circuit breaks down alot, meaning the switch will burn out etc.
How do I make this to last long and make sure its safe.  Should I include a resistor? capacitor? fuse?

Your answer will be very much appreciated.

Thank you and have a nice day


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8 years ago

The switch MUSH be big enough to pass the current the motor uses. Perhaps there is a current rating on the motor.

The Power supply isn't really big enough i guess it should provide 12 colts DC at a big enough current for the motor

The circuit is below. Nothing else is needed.