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How do I put labels in a front panel? Answered

I have made a multi-connections box for my computer that fits in a 5-1/4 bay. It has four USB ports, 1 Firewire, mic and earphones and several card readers. The front panel of the box is made of plastic and painted with spray paint to cover putty patches.

I want to put logos for every connector, the USB logo, the Firewire logo, a logo of a mic, a logo of an earphone and the identification of each card slot (CF, SD, MS, etc)

What are the ways of doing it with a factory-like finish? ¿custom decals? ¿Screen prints? ¿Is there any instructable about the matter?




Best Answer 8 years ago

Many hobby stores carry waterslide inkjet decal paper. I've used it on some modeling projects and it works pretty good, especially if you need a decal you are unable to get anywhere else.


8 years ago

Thank you Burf. I didn't know waterslide inkjet decal paper even existed. How is it applied on the surface? regular waterslide decals are immersed in water and then placed over the surface and the decal is slided using a brush, but what about the printer ink? wouldn't the image be ruined when the water touches the ink? This always happen in regular or glossy paper since printer inks and water are not good friends.
Is there any web page where I can get more info about this paper or even buy it?

Frollard, thank you for all the suggestions. Iron-on transfer is discarded because the surface is spray paint over plastic. Direct inkjet too since I can't put the piece in the printer. I don't have any programmable device to machine out the words. I have a dremel but this would result in a hand made look and I want it to look as if machine printed (just like the DVD logo in the bay above my multiport device)

I think about silkscreen, but previously you have to cut the silkscreen so we are back to the hand made look problem.


Answer 8 years ago

I did a quick google and found this video:


It gives you all the information you need to do the job.


8 years ago

Decals as Burf suggest
Iron-on transfer (if a metal surface)
Toner transfer (same)

Direct inkjet

Machine out the words and fill them with paint

...all I can think of...other than just writing on it, or printing on photo paper and covering with clear tape.