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How do I record and play a series of videos in some software-controlled order? Answered

I'd like to create an interactive artwork where people can come up to a camera and record a short video of themselves speaking. At the same time, there will be a series of such videos playing on a nearby display. I should be able to insert the new video at any point in the list of playing videos. The list should also be continuously changeable via software; any programming language will do. Bonus points if I can have basic transitions between the videos.



9 years ago

It really Depends What Kind of computer you have Like Linux, Mac, or PC


10 years ago

Have you looked at Processing? It's a language optimized for visual art, implemented as a thin layer over top of Java, and it has a lot of video capability built in. I haven't worked with video in it but I have seen a lot of interesting stuff done. Also I can vouch for it being very easy to get started in.