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How do I redesign a pair of high heels and/or buy parts to make my own shoes? Answered

I have a lovely pair of shoes at home that are my favourite pair because I can wear them all day and not be in pain.  They are strappy 3" heel sandals with a net-like mesh of ribbons tied together to make a criss-cross grid over the top of my foot.  Recently, one of the ribbons came unglued from the sole and as a DIYer I thought there must be a way for me to make this shoe better rather than bringing them to a cobbler to have them repaired.  The small knots where the ribbons cross each other do press into my feet in a couple of places and leave small indents which are unsightly and slightly uncomfortable sometimes.  Does anyone here work in the shoe-making industry?  I want to redesign my shoes completely but use the soles as a starting place.  If this works out I'd also like to know how companies make/buy their high heels and how I can get the parts to design my own shoes whenever I want.?



7 years ago

I imagine their heels are purpose made for each manufacturer if they don't make them.

If I were trying to repair your strap i would use a combination of superglue and stitching it back into place.

As for hand making shoes it was done that way for years s it's possible.

I would guess a heel could be made from a hard wood or aluminium.


Answer 7 years ago

I was thinking about that. I recently bought a pair of insanely cheap flats that are very flexible. If I could get a good chunk of wood and carve out my own, then attach some rubber on the base for grip, I might just be able to use them to test my theory. If I can start making my own shoes out of bargain or found materials, I am going to start posting it on here.