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How do I replace a broken LCD in my Kodak M753 Digital Camera? Answered

While the camera is physically fine, the LCD of the Kodak M753 is showing black / white and is unusable. The glass isn't cracked, and still takes pics perfectly, too. Was quoted £100 UKP for the repair in a camera shop, but would rather fix it myself, as replacement LCD screens are readily (and cheaply) available - but I would like to know more before attacking the Kodak M753 with a screwdriver! Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks for reading!


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12 years ago

well, I guess first off you can buy the screen. Then, open your camera in a dust-free enviroment. Ground yourself (touch something grounded, like a water tap, or a metal computer case, or anything large and metal) and start opening, remembering where each screw goes. Eventually you'll probably get to a screen attached by a small thin ribbon cable. The cable is attached to a board via a tiny latch. Care fully lift the latch with a finger nail until it snaps open. Take out old screen and insert new. Now put the camera back together.