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How do I reset my brother tn450 after putting in new toner cartridge? Answered

I have been reading all of the blogs, and do not know how to reset the printer to remove the toner end message. I just bought a compatable toner and the machine will not recognize it.


Micheal Lemon

2 years ago

Eight Steps show you how to reset your Brother TN450.

Step 1 – Turn off your Brother laser printer ormultifunction center.

Step 2 – Open the front cover of your Brother laserprinter/MFC and make sure it remains that way through the whole procedures.

Step 3 – Hold the go button while turning on your Brotherlaser printer/MFC. All LEDs turn on and the Ready LED will turn off.

Step 4 – When the Ready LED turns off, release the GObutton. All LEDs will turn off.

Step 5 – Press the GO button 2 times (Toner, Drum, andError LEDs turn on).

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2 years ago

There is a reset gear on the cartridge, or more accurately there is probably a spot for a reset gear on it. If you're moving from the starter cartridge you might have to move the gear from that one onto the new one. Its the gear post furthest towords the back/handle of the cartridge.