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How do I roast edamame? Answered

I'd like to roast edamame in my toaster oven using little or no fat and little salt.




9 years ago

You want a roasted nut in the end?

edamame, as Re-design pointed out, is a boiled and salted preperation of soybeans. Usually not-fully matured beans.

You could TRY a recipe an arts-director I knew used to make.

Take normal, fresh peas(not in the pod). Frozen has worked OK, but just not as good as fresh. Soak them overnight in a brine solution(aka salty water).
Drain and rinse(all the salt you want is already inside the pea now :-).
Toss the peas in a bowl, with a tablespoon or two of olive oil.
Preheat the oven to 450F.
Spread the peas out on a cookie sheet, one layer thick. a little moe room is better than tightly packed.
Bake for 30-40 min.
Good wen hot OR room temp as a snack.

Also works well for chick-peas, which is why I think soynuts should work too.
Finally, I like mine a little spicy, so while still hot, I sprinkle on a little cayenne pepper and toss.


10 years ago

I thought it was boiled.