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How do I see who the finalists are for contest in the new contest layout? Answered

Hi I'm having trouble seeing who the finalists are for the pallet contest in the new contest page layout, could someone explain to me how to see just the finalists and not every entry into the contest.  Thanks a bunch! (In the old layout there use to be a button that said "finalists", all you had to do was click the button and presto there they were. I wish that button would come back.

Also, I'm having trouble trouble judging the swimwear contest. I received the email to judge and I clicked the link to go to the ballot, but I just get directed to the contest page for the swimwear contest.  I'm logged in so I don't know what the issue could be.  If you have any information to help me with this as well as my first question I would be very appreciative.  Thank you.


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6 years ago

Regarding your judging issues, send a PM to the person who recruited you as a judge.