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How do I sell woodworking projects? Answered

I'm about to enter a woodworking program at Hennepin tech in Minnesota and you are allowed to buy the cabinet, table, or whatever that you have been required to complete for the class at the cost of the materials you used. How can I sell these things for a profit to supplement my income? Will I have to start my own small business?



3 years ago

Etsy is a web site that specializes in selling hand made items including any art.

They are better than E bay in many ways.



Answer 3 years ago

+1 on Etsy.

You start your account, provide details of how you will pay their fees (pennies per item) and how they will pay you your funds, and that's it - no need to register a corporation, or talk to the IRS, unless you start making serious money.

I've been running a small Etsy shop for just over a year, and so far it has managed to pay for the set-up costs of buying the hardware and raw materials in the first place.