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How do I send and receive data on an arduino via wifi using a router with Open-WRT? Answered

My friends and I are building a remote controlled turret (call it cliche, I think it's awesome). They have charged me with the programming and design of the motor chassis. I read the MAKE: article on a Roomba that was controlled via a serial out on an Open-WRT router. However, with the turret, I would find it much more easier to use an Arduino interface. Is there any easy way to communicate between a router running Open-WRT and an Arduino? Thank you for any help.


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9 years ago

yes, with serial.

You get the code you want working on the wrt, and have the duino control the motors -- since you can patch into the hardware serial uart on the wrt, just connect into that.

Adding wifi/network stack to an arduino is not difficult but doesn't leave a lot of room left for other control.