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How do I send data via lasers? Answered

I would like a flexible wearable material capable of receiving data via a laser. I would like the material to not be too affected by outside light and I would like the data transfer rate to be fast (it's only about 3 one-digit numbers I'm sending, so it shouldn't be a problem.) I am using this for a laser tag system, and the back, solders and front two sides is where I'm planning on these sensors being, so flexibility is not absolutely necessary, but would be very nice (being thin and durable, however, is necessary) please no lenses. I don't mind an elaborate setup, as long as it doesn't cost too much and uses minimal tools, but would prefer a simple "attach this to that then wire it to the controller" setup.

I'll answer any questions on clarification to the best of my ability. Thank you in advance for any help.



Best Answer 7 years ago

One thing to note, most laser tag systems use 2 beams - one visible red beam for the person to aim with

the second is a wider beam infrared emitter that tells the other pack who is shooting and acknowledging hits, etc.

so, 'infrared transceiver' is your search for the day.


Answer 7 years ago

I read some documentation on IR and it really seams the way to go. Thanks.


7 years ago

There is a reason laser tag systems are used in doors. Outside light has allot of IR in it and can hinder a laser tag system. Using an actual laser to transmit a set of flashes for the computer to know who shot is also difficult in day light. Not to mention you would need a hell of allot of laser sensors for a hit to be easily registered. Thus pushing the price of the system way up.

If you want an outdoor shooting game then get into air-soft or paintball.