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How do I set up an automatic garage door opener to shut whenever someone drives up to the door? Answered

I thought this might be a great prank. I was wondering if a simple motion detector wired up to the remote transceiver would work?



8 years ago

Aside from the federal laws associated with disabling safety devices such as the IR beams which prevent the door from closing, I would re-think this idea.

I can see the potential humor involved but a big heavy garage door closing on someone unexpectedly while they're driving a vehicle has bad news written all over it. It could put the end of the door through the windshield if it doesn't sense them in time before they enter it's path.

Just food for thought.


9 years ago

 The only thing I can think of would be to use the IR things that normally stop it from closing and rewire them to make it close. Then you could place them like 10' in front of the garage door as your 'tripwire'.

would someone with a bit more knowledge elaborate on the wiring of a garage door opener?