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How do I stop condensation from appearing on a cheap styrofoam cooler? Answered

I'm building my own dehumidifier (future instructable if I can solve this problem) and I realize that buying a good cooler is probably most sensible but I am on a budget and the copper coiling drained my funds (Only 15, no job, and my parents don't want to spend a lot on something they don't think will ever really work, hopefully I can prove them wrong). Anyways, the crappy cooler I have will have to do for the time being. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


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10 years ago

You probably know that the condensation is forming because the cooler is colder than the ambiant air, so the moisture condenses. Actually it is making your unit more efficient since it's pulling more water out of the air. You could put the unit in a drain pan to catch the condensation and dispose of it the way you are disposing of the moisture you are already pulling out of the air. But to keep it from condensing you have to make the outside better insulated so the the cold is kept inside.