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How do I stream H264 from Raspberry Pi to Paspberry Pi? Answered

Doing a college project in which we need to stream live footage from on Pi to another over a network. We are using two Pi B+'s and the Pi Cam. We have no issues connecting the Pis, it's only the streaming that we have difficulties with. There is nothing that we've found yet that works and we have tried a lot. It would also be helpful if we input to a terminal at the same time but that all being hidden because we need to control servo motors too which are already working. All inputs and displays need to be on one Pi and the other Pi is connected to the Pi Cam and servo motors. We have heard that a common video from for the Pi Cam is H264 it doesn't have to be that if better options are available.



Answer 4 years ago

Try running VideoLan on two known good computers, perhaps with a distribution like Knoppi running on them. If you can't make that work, you need to learn more about Vlan, if you can, you have a Pi issue - two different problems, rather than one big one.