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How do I take care of a Red-eared slider (or red-eared turtle)? Am I doing good? Answered

My girlfriend recently gave me the most amazing gift of my existence, a red-eared turtle. I have been wishing to have a turtle since I was very young, and am very happy of taking care of it.

Now I checked many sites on how to properly take care of it, because that's what I want to do as much as I can. I was now wondering what were you guys doing with your red-eared turtle.

So far, it's very shy and very small (2 in long). It does do much other than hide when I'm here (I can understand it doesn't know me yet..) so I haven't seen him eat, although he did. He however does not bask, which is concerning me (or I haven't seen him doing so yet).

I've had "him" for 3 days.

I heard about UVB and UVA (and natural UV rays from sun); he has a UVB lamp for now. His water is at 26-27C (78-80F). His rock outside of the water is around 27 too (is that why he isn't basking?).

I'm feeding him, so far, from a can of food for turtle from the pet shop, as well as a another can with shrimps (frozen-dried).

Am I taking good care of my red-eared slider? Am I on the good way to go?
Thank you for any support!

Picture of it:


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11 years ago

Keep his tank clean and wash your hands every time you touch him or the cage. The conditions are perfect for salmonella.


Answer 11 years ago

Thanks! That's what I've been doing - washing my hands before and after touching him. I really don't feel like having salmonella...