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How do I tell a close friend how I feel about them? Answered

I really need some advice. There is this girl I really like, we have been really good friends for years now, but right as I got up enough courage to tell her how I feel and ask her out, my brother askes he out, and she says yes. They broke-up about five months ago; she said she didn't see that the relationship was going anywhere. Now that they ended it and it seems like it has been long enough to try to ask her out again, every time I try to hang out with her when it is just us, something always comes up either with my parents or hers. Can anyone give me advice on how to act on this, because it seems like a very delicate situation?



9 years ago

ask to meet up after school and ask her when no one is around wats the worst that can happen


10 years ago

Thats a sticky situation. Weigh the consequences carefully of both choices (saying something or not saying something). Think about everyone who matters. Your brother, your parents, her family, and most importantly yourself and her. In my opinion, it's not a really healthy start to a relationship, but I've seen crazier relationships work. A great couple that I know started off dating best friends and hated each other in high school, but now they're happily married for several years with no indications of ever looking back. If you decide to try for a relationship, the best thing to do is to ask her out on a date with an open discussion. Don't immediatly confess your love in some insane/dramatic way, you'll either frighten her away or put undue pressure on her and it almost never works. Instead, broach the subject of a date carefully in a casual setting and ask her if she'd like to join you for some activity that you suggest. Don't put a deadline on it, and give her plenty of time to make a decision. Be prepared to talk about it and allow her to make the rules. Best of luck to you.


10 years ago

Life is REALLY short- you will always wonder what if... , Take action young friend- you might not like the outcome but you will lament not taking action for a long, long time.


10 years ago

In real terms you're probably best forgetting it. But you don't want to do that.
Present yourself with this choice:
"I say how I feel" and that happens.
"I don't" and that happens.

It's just a matter of deciding whether or not you want to live the rest of your life with or without saying something. Once you've got that far the how will find it's self (or not). You can do the how, the problem is pushing yourself to do it.