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How do I transfer Files from my XBOX HDD to my USB Pen? Answered

My XBOX HDD has seemed to have stopped working with my XBOX and I want to transfer my files to my USB pen but the XBOX doesn't work of course.

Help Please.

P.S. It's a 60GB for a XBOX 360 Classic 



7 years ago

Inside that casing sits a typical laptop HDD. Remove the drive and get a USB adapter for it. You can then plug it into your PC and transfer all the files you want.

Jack A Lopez

7 years ago

I think the way to do this would be to take the hard drive in that thing out of its plastic armor and proprietary connectors, and then hook it up to a desktop computer that has a spare SATA port.

Rumor has it, the actual hard drive inside those things is just an ordinary SATA hard drive, as explained here:

Also I found a video of someone doing this operation, here:

BTW, there exists some sort of "transfer cable", made by Microsoft(r), that has their special connector on one end, and a USB connector on the other, but I cannot say for sure if that cable can actually be used to transfer files from the XBOX360(r) drive to a PC.  In fact it may be the case that this cable, and the drivers for it, are designed intentionally to prevent you from transferring files, for the purposes of copy protection.

I don't know for sure what the limitations of the transfer cable are, if any, but my intuition tells me that just taking that SATA drive out of the crap that Microsoft(r) has wrapped around it will be the most reliable way back it up. 

BTW, I myself have never touched one of these XBOX360(r) drives, and this answer is just gleaned from what I have read on the web today.