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How do I wire (1) 9v motor and (1) 12v LED strip to one momentary switch using 2 batteries? Answered

My project entails the push of a momentary switch to turn a 9v hobby motor and also light a 3 bulb strip of 12v LED's.... all using 2 different 9v batteries.  I'm concerned that one 9v battery will not last long so thought 2 batteries would be better.... one for the motor and one for the LED strip.  I'm just not clear on how to wire the motor and LED's to the switch.  I assume the positive battery wires go the switch and then to each of the respective units (motor and LED strip)  Just not sure if this could cause things to heat up since both battery leads would go to the same side of the switch  Many thanks and hope all this makes since.  .   


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5 years ago

For obvious reasns using one power supply @12V would be best.

Otherwise use a switch with two pairs of terminals or seperate the batteries with a diode.