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How do I wire a 6 IDE hard drive tower? Answered

Dose anyone know how to wire up a 6 IDE hard drive tower?
I need it on the cheep. I need it to ether wire up to my home computer directly or attach it to a home computer network, aka network cables & Wi-Fi.

Any Ideas or all ready made instructables on this topic.

What I imagen it to be a box with the 6 hard drives, power source, a fan & a cable running to a Wi -Fi or computer connection.



2 years ago

what is it that you are trying to accomplish?

Setting up a RAID array for storage redundancy and data protection?

Just had a bunch of old HDD laying around and want to use them for extra storage space instead of getting one large external drive?


2 years ago

You don't. Look up what IDE is and see what your motherboard/PC/controller will do.