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How do I wire a car power door lock actuator to a 12V power supply? Answered

Looking for some advice on wiring a car power door lock actuator and remote central locking keyless entry system to a 12volt power adapter. We've got a chicken coop that I would like to connect the actuator to so we can open the latch from inside the house. The items we have are a CfD Universal Car Power Door Lock Actuator 12-Volt Motor & a Docooler® Car Remote Central Lock Locking Keyless Entry System with Remote Controllers. The Remote has 10 wires coming from its harness. I know enough about electrical wiring to efficiently burn the house to the ground. Figured I would post a question here before that happens or I destroy the thing.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!




4 months ago

Is the power door lock actuator energized all of the time?


3 years ago

The 2 wires named Direct go to the lock.... Depending how you mechanize your coop lock you may have to exchange the green/black to black/green..

The 2 wires named Battery (Red wire after the fuse to Positive 12 VDC, and the Black to Ground or Minus battery pin ).

Be aware this product will draw 8 ma of current 24/7 or 5.8 amp_Hours per month out of your battery in addition the energy to open / close the lock as many times you do that each day or week.

I would add an 18-20 VDC solar array with series schottky diode to maintain the battery charge http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Pr...


3 years ago

Your going to need the manufacturers name and model number then seek a data sheet to find out what the wires do.

Other than that the only thing I can tell you is the wire with the fuse is the positive in and I guess the black wire the negative.

If you can identify the car this fits then you might be able to find a wairing diagram that will help you.


I doubt any of these is yours but you never know.