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How do I wire a light ? Answered

How do i wire many light bulbs together and then attach them to a switch and plug?



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you want to end up with a flexible cord full of lights (like festoon type lighting) you will need lamp holders (not batten fix type holders like the ones in frollard's diagram). Lamp holders are the ones with the conical cap over the terminals and are usually suspended from the ceiling rather than fixed to it.
A two core cable as the lamp holders generally don't have an earth terminal, although you should check the regulations in your part of the world.
A double pole switch and a plug.

Connect the wires to the first lamp. Cut the cable to the length required to reach the second lamp. Join the cable to the rest of your cable and connect to the second lamp. Repeat this procedure until you run out of lamps or cable. Connect the cable to one pair of terminals on the switch. Connect the remaining cable to the pair of terminals on the other side of the switch. Connect the remaining end to the plug.

Try and keep the cable polarities the same, but it doesn't really matter for  light bulbs. Plug in and enjoy.

If you need to buy any of this stuff, a festoon lighting kit would be cheaper to buy and easier to assemble without any electrical knowledge. It comes with coloured bulbs too!


8 years ago

all the lights in parallel, with one switch turning the HOT line (usually black) on and off.

picture:  from left to right:  source going into a switch.  note how the black wire is switched on and off with the switch.  From there everything is in parallel with a pigtail (extra wire) going from each splice to the necessary party of the circuit.

house wiring.PNG

Answer 8 years ago

+1. If this is some sort of "boxed" device, I would recommend adding either a circuit breaker or fusing inside the enclosure.