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How do I wire up these receiver parts? Answered

I have been given a broken receiver and camera from an old CCTV camera but whenever I try to get it to work I only get a very vague image that randomly fluctuates between monochrome and colour and makes no sense to me at all. So, I took the thing apart to find that all of the white, black, and red wires had been de-soldered from the correct terminals and the last user had just bunged all of the components in the right place and not connected them. How do you suggest I connect these pieces (one is the receiver with a screw for an antenna, one, I would assume, is the signal amplifier with audio and video outputs, and the final is just a potentiometer).
Thanks for any help you can give, It will be greatly appreciated and useful!

(Apologies for the webcam photographs)


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Best Answer 10 years ago

> vague image that randomly fluctuates between monochrome and colour
.  Sounds like the transmitter and receiver are working but your signal level is low. I'd look at the antennae.


10 years ago

Unless you can find another exact model to look at or instructions I wouldn't have a clue how to hook it up again.

Any tinkering that was done before you got it may have fried something.

Or you may get lucky and someone else has seen this before and can give you the correct wiring layout.