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How do i add thumbnails for videos. Its not working i have uploaded the file but i cant add it or flip over my library? Answered

I have done it plenty of times before on ilables. Any one else have this problem?!?



9 years ago

The thumbnail on a video comes from the site where you uploaded the video. Different sites have different ways of determining the thumbnail. On YouTube the thumbnail is the frame exactly in the middle of the video. Have you ever been watching a YouTube video and the action switches to a still for a couple of seconds then resumes? Sometimes it is the video maker inserting the image they want to be their thumbnail at the half way point.

Im trying to post a video on instructables. (yes i could embed it here).
Instructables will not allow me to post it without a thumbnail added from my library. I cant open my library in the create video page due to a bug.
(i later remember instructables has a submit bug form so this is sorta unnecessary)
I also can not attach an image here the tray drops down and i can upload an image but i cant go to "your library"
I know i successfully added the thumbnail because i went https://www.instructables.com/upload clicked library and it shows all 877 of my pictures. My firefox and flash is uptodate.

It must have changed since the last time I added video. It didn't ask me to upload a thumbnail, just used the YouTube thumbnail. I don't know what to do.