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How do i check if a single stroke motor is in good condition? Answered

Currently i have a single stroke ENYA model 3304 petrol single stroke rc  airplane engine. I dont have the fuel tank nor do I have a fuel hose nor do I have the fuel. So how do I actually check it?

Is it possible to make the fuel?

Also, what use do i have of this engine besides using it for a rc airplane?



Best Answer 8 years ago

That's a .15 glow plug engine.  It's also a 2 stroke.  A single stroke engine would be a cannon.  the piston moves down but does not return.  The return of the piston is the second stroke.

If it's new it needs to be broken in just like any new engine.

You can make fuel but unless you know how you're just guessing and you won't know if the motor doesn't run because it's bad or the fuel so just buy a small can.  The fuel usually is 10-20% castor oil and 5% Nitro.  Should be less than $8.

You'll need a small fuel tank and a piece of hose.  Maybe another $3.

You need a prop of proper size for the motor.  Take the motor to the hobby shop with you and let them pick one out for you.  Probably about 7-8 x 6.  DON'T start it with out a prop on.  With out the resistance of the prop it will over rev and throw the rod etc.

You'll need a good sized 1.5 volt battery and glow clip to heat the glow plug.

You need something to bolt the engine down on when you run it and a way to control the throttle.

Ear protection might be nice since it's fairly loud and irritating after awhile.

You could put this in a small helicopter or boat or car.  Or just run it to annoy the neighbors.


8 years ago

.  If no one comes up with any help soon, try pasting "ENYA model 3304" into Google and asking at one of the forums listed.
.  What's a "single stroke motor"?


Answer 8 years ago

precisely!XDXD im using an ENYA 3304 but i just don't understand if its working... do i really have to break it in? =[ its really oily

my friend gave it to me cos he just upgraded all his planes to electric motors.
his fuel tank was busted in a crash and he managed to salvage the motor

im making a holder to hold the motor up without a plane =p
i may be posting an instructable on this soon


8 years ago

I guess (s)he means a model diesel - just possibly a glow plug -

The engine should show compression if you turn it over with you hands. Beyond that your not going to get far without fuel etc.

It is possible to make diesel fuel or Glow fuel but not worth the bother unless your very keen. The web will give you formula if you search for Glow fuel or model Diesel fuel.

What can it be used for? Well driving anything that needs a small engine. - Generally models as the power available isn't that big.

ground or water vehicles can be driven but allow for air cooling, so really you need to provide drive via a propeller.

Oh and it's technically a 2 stroke engine. Single stroke engines can't exist you need a minimum of intake and exhaust strokes.