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How do i get my super cheap and awesome Hydroponic Set up Featured? Answered

I worked really hard on setting up a workable hydroponic set up but for some reason i couldn't get it featured.. i don't know if it's because i did something wrong? maybe i didnt get the correct review.. maybe no one notice in the mists of all these awesome instructables

any tips? help

also i would like to hear more feedback.. maybe you guys can help? i definetly like to hear people's comments but because i didnt get featured i think i'm getting ignored :(

check it out



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9 years ago

Four quick points - the URLs you included would be better as active hyperlinks, some of the writing is a bit tortuous, and some of the grammar was a bit dodgy, and some of the actual instructions are not very clear.


Reply 9 years ago

thanks i appreciate the feedback..

i gotta work on my writing.. i usually want to write things quick and move on.. i swear i have some kinda HDD lol