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How do i get the app that i made in adobe cs5 on my ipod? Answered

When i try itunes it says that it isn't compatible and on installous it says invalid ipa. i used the certificate method described in this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-use-Adobes-iPhone-Packager-without-an-Appl/. the only strange thing is that it says "air for ios" rather than "iphone" in cs5. is this why it wont work? my ipod is a 2nd gen mc 8 gig.

I just found out that cs5.5 (actionscript 3.0) isn't compatible with 2nd gen ipods, so how do i get cs5 rather than cs5.5 or how do i make a compatible ipod app in cs5.5?


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9 years ago

Websearching "+adobe +cs5 +ipod" finds about 50 million hits. Surely some of them are detailed instructions...?