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How do i identify drone camera wires? Answered


I have a small drone which was run over, but the camera survived and i'd like to re-purpose the little camera.

The camera has only three wires on a connector, it has a space at the back for a micro sd card too. On the pcb where the three wireds are connected the black is marked vb-, the red is marked vb+ and the blue wire is marked P12. Obviosly vb+ & - are easy to desypher.

Can anyone help me identify the P12 connection? Would this be a trigger wire of some sort and how do i connect it to actually trigger between capture picture/capture video/off?

Also, is it safe to assume that if connected correctly, that this camera can work as a stand alone camera with no other interface being that it has a slot for micro sd card?

Thanks in advance for any help :)



2 years ago

This isn't your camera model but it's pretty much the same process for accessing a camera device using an Arduino Uno dev board. The tutorial even has a sample code you might be able to use with some tweaking.



2 years ago

It may be a 1wire bidirectional communication line if the drone was an expensive model.. As a controlled camera this would allow selecting frame rate selection, start / stop, SD card free memory status, etc etc...


Answer 2 years ago

Would make sense to check the model and make of the cam.
From there you can find more info on how to use it.