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How do i make a pickup for my cajon to plug in a quarter inch cable? (Its a drum Box)? Answered

Im wanting to know how i can be able to make my drum plug into a quarter inch cable to save me the trouble of using a mic. Meinl just came out with a pickup cajon. I need to know to to make one in mine.



8 years ago

It's a B-Band/UKKO system for cajon called a UKKO Cajon A1.2C-DST
You can buy it from B-Band. quite fiddly and mine just broke. Wires are very fragile to the pot. Very frustrating. they are based in Finland (UKKO) and B-Band in Germany.

Great when they work, unimpressive when they don't.

mike patterson

9 years ago

Piezo attached to the drumming surface with double sided tape--move it around to find the best location, a 1/4 female jack in the side, not playing surface, and a pre-amp into your amp. If you wish to get fancy, you could mount the pre-amp in the side of the cajon.....


10 years ago

It seems the pickup cajon has an attached surface mount (DST - not sure if it means surface transducer or something) pickup type microphone. It also has some mini electronics built in as a preamp. It might be a proprietary mic built for Meinl since I cannot find that type of pickup microphone for sale by itself. If you try to adapt one of those tomtom or snare contact microphones, the cost of it seems to outprice buying the pickup cajon itself. What you need is a small sensitive drum mike to be mounted inside the cajon in such a way that it does not intefere with the sound of the cajon. They use to have available a pickup that attached with a suction cup to telephones to "record" conversations, you may be able to find some other type of vibration-only microphone to adapt but I'm not sure about the sound quality. Good luck.