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How do i make homemade instant drink powder? Answered

Ive been trying new ideas for businesses and i finally landed on an untapped market. I need help getting a instant drink powder recipe to start it. SOMEONE HELPPPPP!!!!!


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Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

1 year ago

Powdered food coloring
Powdered artificial flavoring
If you want to make your own flavoring freeze dry

la xerra
la xerra

1 year ago

back in ´civilization´ (i used to have & used to use a blender) i made my own ´oat-milk´... i used to beat, well, blend, the sh it out of rolled oats... to get some kind of powder (but, unless you go ´industrial´ that stuff is always crude), and, sobre la marcha, just mixed it with water to make ´milk´

i figure you could use that, or something similar, pretty much with any (dried) ingredients you put through hell (blender).

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

In seriousness, if you want to make powdered drink mix, I can imagine two ways to do this. (There may be more ways. But I, at this moment, can only think of two ways.)

One way is to start with dry powders and mix these together.

Another way is to start with a liquid drink, and use some kind of process to remove the water from this liquid.

As an example of a liquid-to-dry-powder process, supposedly this is the way instant coffee is made. The Wikipedia article for, "Instant coffee",



"Instant coffee is commercially prepared by either freeze-drying or spray drying..."

and it has links to additional articles for both those processess.



Regarding the method of mixing dry powders together, that method is probably cheaper, since it does not require expensive drying equipment, or the cost of the energy needed to vaporize the water.

I guess the place to start with that is to use a search engine, to see if you can find out what dry powders are out there already, or even if any recipes involving dry powders are out there.

I actually tried asking DuckDuckGo to show me, "open source powdered drink mix"


and this query did not return very many recipes, but some the results looked intriging, like this one:

10 Powdered Foods and Drinks You Never Knew Existed


Also I claim, without proof, that powdered instant coffee and powdered hot-chocolate mix go well together, in a ratio of about 1:1 by volume, e.g. 1 teaspoonful instant coffee plus 1 teaspoonful hot-chocolate mix.

But you can't use that one because I invented it.


Just kidding!

You can use that recipe if you want to. Or a similar one , or different, one, of your own design.

Good luck to you! A thirsty world is waiting for your instant beverage invention.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

This reminds me of something my gra-ma-ma used to say,

"When life gives you granulated sugar and anhydrous citric acid, make fake powdered lemonade with it."



Reply 1 year ago

I always liked the shocking method much better:
Required ingredients:
1. A piece of carbonating "candy" as used for home brewing.
2. A niecely looking and big sugar crystal, like the ones often used for english tee.
3. A small pack of coffee machine cleaner.

1 and 2 should be produced out of some old box or similar, 3 preferably from the cleaning chemical cabinet.
Use a hammer to crush the first two into tiny bit and put in a big jug.
Open the bag and add about 1/4 of the contents to it, mix the dry powder well to look like you mean business.
Add some, mix again.
Dip your finger in and do a taste test - don't forget to show your disgust over the chemical taste!
Add more water and test again the same.
Once satisfied, fill a glass and offer it to your friend(s).
Since no one dares to drink this chemical coctail you have all the fizzy lemon lemonade to yourself LOL

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Reply 1 year ago

I do not think this, what you call, carbonating "candy" for home brewing, will produce fizz without the action of yeast, for to metabolize the sugars into CO2.

Said another way, I do not think those tablets actually have carbonates (CO3--), or bicarbonates (HCO3-), or tiny compressed bubbles of CO2 gas.

BTW, have you ever tried Pop Rocks (R)? It's a kind of candy, that really does have tiny bubbles of trapped CO2.


Although it was also a candy with kind of a bad reputation, because there were these rumors about it causing children's stomachs to explode.

As far as I know, those rumors were untrue.

I recall similar rumors about Alka-Seltzer (R),


causing pigeons to explode, if pigeons could be tricked into eating it, which might be as easy as just tossing some tablets at their feet.

Which reminds me: Tom Leher wrote a song about poisoning pigeons... titled, "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"

I'll link to a Youtube video for this, since it is sufficiently "family friendly". Well, I mean the song is rather sadistic and creepy. I am guessing it was written in jest, and this dude was not truly into killing pigeons for fun. In any case, I don't think this song has any swear words in it, so it is wholesome in that respect.