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How do i program my PICs? Answered

i have a PIC programmer like the one in this: www.instructables.com/id/Simple-JDM-PIC-Programmer/ instructable and a pile of PIC16F84A's that i would like to program. however, the software linked in the instructable sucks. it verifies that the programming was successful even when the programmer isn't plugged in and it is unable to read from the chip.

i need a program with actual code instead of a crappy HEX editor that will work on windows 7.
any ideas?


Suraj Grewal

7 years ago

use this link

I live in india and did it successfully, made a working clock.


7 years ago

I find the picpgm the most useful you can erase the chip ,write to the chip, read whats in the chip and verify the chip its just great!! Give it a shot

check out avsforyou software thats what i use i have the same problem and also windows 7 still has some problems you might wanna try xp


9 years ago

You can test your programmer with PICPgm. Give it a shot. You should be able to use the hardware test function to toggle each of your programmers connections and output levels, one at a time. Then use the hex editor to write and read from your chip. It should be obvious if the programmer isn't writing, because you won't be able to read what you just burned. Doesn't MPLAB work on Windows 7? If you want to write actual code, you can either write it in a word editor software (word, notepad, etc), of a dedicated programming environment, like MPLAB. The advantage of writing it in MPLAB it color codes your program as you write, so obvious syntax errors can be seen by color as you write. And youll need an assembler/compiler, after you're done writing the code. So you'll need this program, or some other compiler, anyway.