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How do put PS3 on side of wall? Answered

I have a PS3 I want to know what one can suggest to attaching it to wall


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Best Answer 9 years ago

-a small shelf
-a 'vertical stand' screwed to the wall...(is how I would do it)
-really strong adhesive
-a weak adhesive...may be hazardous to your ps3...

There are no obvious mounting points or brackets designed for the task, but they could easily be built. Whatever you do, over-engineer it, strong is good when your expensive equipment is at stake.


9 years ago

Surely the possibilities are almost limitless?

My immediate thought was to get (a cheap) flat tv mount that moves in the way you like (pan, tilt, rotate, up, down, etc) and use substantial nylon ties to secure your ps3 to it. This will allow cheap and easy removal if you wish.

Perhaps your only concern in any setup is how you are going to route your power cable - be sure to give that some thought to make it safe.

Given a little thought you could even make this kind of setup make the ps3 appear to float in the air and that would be uber-cool! (In fact, you have put me in mind of exactly the same thing - this could be a project in the making!)


Answer 9 years ago

I think both answers are really interesting and I am still considering them both.

1 Floating Shelf
2 plastic mounts
3 cheap perspex cool bolted to wall and an L bracket attached to the cooler and double sided tap for the ps3.

Keep coming up with cool idea

For the cable I will make a nice pattern.