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How do you Make Candy Wrapper Purses? Answered

The Mexican Folk Craft people make amazing purses or clutches out of candy wrappers or other forms of paper. Some with zippers and cloth internally. I now how to make the chains to start it off. What I am having problems with is how to sew them together. Please help with a detailed instruction or video. 



8 years ago

Websearch "woven paper purse" or "candy wrapper purse". I quickly found several hits.


Answer 7 years ago

I too found many hits (100's) and have made 3 purses so far. I am now looking for more specific details, such as STRAIGHT EDGE, FLAP and LARGE BAGS THAT ARE SHAPED. (not shouting just highlighting my needs).  If you can help it would be much appreciated.  Craftyv


Answer 7 years ago

Thank you both. I found several hits. None I found were good enough to show me how to finish them. Maybe I am just instruction illiterate. I'lll keep looking but if you find something any websites or instructions worth sharing I would be totally indebted to you.


Answer 7 years ago

jpeek. You will find that there are more than one way so I do recommend looking at everything so your mind/brain starts to take it all in. Here are one or two sites (sorry I dont know how to make a link to them)


joliecreation.weebly.com (best zip method)

victortapak (it's in Russian but shows an unusual way to fill in the bottom squares).

candywrapperpurse.blogspot.com. The best thing I can say is to make sure that you are putting the chain links together properly. ie. when you are holding the first piece in your left hand make sure that you feed the other piece with the singe fold downwards, always have the single fold downwards. This helps with the stitching. Tell me what you find odd and i'll try to help. I love my candy wrapper bags.