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How do you add a password to a windows vista folder? Answered

Hey everyone,
I was so frusturated and have been searching for a long time to figure out how to out a password on a folder.  The folder is on a flashdrive if that helps any.  And ive seen people right click on the folder and hit "Add to Archive" but mine wont show up.  Can any one help me?


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10 years ago

Which version of vista do you have?
You can use any software like folder lock,lock vista,7-zip,winrar etc
If you have ultimate then 
Attention::-- You need to backup your data on the pendrive to a computer
because formatting/encrypting with bitlocker will delete all the data
 Right click the drive you want to encrypt
Click on "Turn on Bitlocker "
Select a name for the drive
Choose the the type of encryption you want to use
Then enter the password
Wait till the drive is formatted
Put your files back on to the computer

Now , Your files cant be read on anyone's computer other thsn vista &7 you can also read in xp if you install bitlocker. Downt forget the password



10 years ago

First you have to format the USB drive to NTFS (default is commonly some type of FAT). If that doesn't make sense, just remove whatever data is all ready on the device (because, if you didn't know formatting erases everything).

On windows, select the drive from "My Computer", right click and select "Format", choose NTFS.

After the formatting is complete you'll have a stable platform to add files and create security bindings on them - you'd just highlight the file/folder, right click, then click Security - depending on your version of windows will depend on the security settings available.

A few words of warning: You should note that you *might* not be able to access it on another computer (or specifically the one you created it on if you have to reinstall) as there's a unique SID added to security of NTFS files and folders based on the account it was created from (happened to me at least once...). Also you might have issues going to a different version of Windows as some security settings aren't available (like if you bring your device to your friends XP computer, or if you found an old NT computer).