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How do you add a reflective coating onto sunglasses? Answered

I have a pair of sunglasses where the coating already on it is light enough to see my eyes. I don't want that. Is there anyway to add a reflective coating to them?
Also the lenses are remove able.



7 years ago

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8 years ago

Try mirrored film for car windows.


8 years ago

You might be able to chemically deposit a silver film on your glasses. Search for how to silver a mirror, you'll find links to chemical solutions of silver.

Where I read about these techniques is in old graduate astronomy textbooks. Early twentieth century astronomers would make their telescopes and there are / were good books that walked through the process. Chemicals needed, time for partial mirroring, etc. Current amateur astronomy magazines / clubs might have resources available.

I suspect you'll find it challenging to silver the front face only due to the convex curve. Also, I don't know if the silver solutions will deposit on plastics (probably).

If this does work for you- post the Instructable, I'd love to see your solution! (no pun intended...)


8 years ago

if you punched a lot of small holes in foil you might do it that way.



8 years ago

For that metallic mirror look, the lense factory uses a technique where they vapourise various chemicals with plasma heat in a vacuum and the residue is deposited on the lenses.

Alternately, for tinting they just dunk the lenses in a solution of chemicals that coats the outsides.

Neither of these processes is affordable or commonly available to the DIY user. Sadly, its cheaper and easier to get new sunglasses.

Last ditch effort -- go to an optometrist, they specialize in lenses, and have the chemicals to tint a lense.