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How do you add key words ? Answered

I have a couple of instructables to publish ' but it constantly asks me to enter key words.
I have entered key words but can't publish.
this is the reason i don't do any instructables any more.



3 years ago

Simple: separate, them, with, commas, like, this.


3 years ago

Maybe the problem is quite simple as you said you entered keywords.
Here is how it works:
Enter the first keyword add a comma and then the next keyword, another comma after the last keyword.
So instead of "best instructable for using a lawn mower" you use "best, instructable, for, lawn mover, "

Things like "lawn mover" can be used as one term if not seperated by a comma.
When done simply press enter and your Ible should publish.

Josehf Murchison

3 years ago

To add or remove Keywords click on your Instructable.

When your Instructable comes up on the right above About this Instructable is a box marked Authors Options.

Click on Edit in the Authors Options box.

When the editor comes up click on Publish at top right of the editor.

When the publish page comes up to the right is the Keywords box.

Click on the Keywords box and all your keywords will come up.

To remove keywords click on the X beside the keyword you want to remove.

To add a keyword type in the box with the curser in it the keyword you want to add.

Then on the top right click on save.

If you want to add your Instructable to a contest scroll down and click on the contest you want to add your Instructable too, otherwise just return to your You page.