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How do you add photos onto instructables from my pictures?? Answered

I can't seem to put pics on the internet from my desktop



Jessie Marie

6 years ago

You add pictures to instructables by either editing or creating an instructable first. Next, scroll down to where it says "select files". Choose the pictures that you want to put in your instructable. You will see the names of the files appear below. Next, click the button that says "upload files", and make sure the "add to this step" box is checked. After this, it may take a few minutes to load them onto your browser, but be patient and they will soon be uploaded!

Hope this helps! :)


8 years ago

it's easy enough to do i had did it before many times so first you go under image
liebary & click select files & then click upload? download & then you have it
note : i have done this many times the same way so i know it should work
& another way you can save images on your files by right clicking on a normal mouse & put it under save as & uploading to image liabary


10 years ago

Click the button on this comment that says REPLY you'll get a box with buttons at the top, one of which is add images. Click that and you get a new box with a Browse button, click and select, then click the upload button. At this point you can click cancel.
The same loader works when you are editing your Instructables - look for the same image button / tab.