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How do you change the default booting system from grub to the windows one? Answered

I don't have the original discs anymore and i have windows xp home installed and ubuntu.


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12 years ago

I have never actually done this before as I usually just nuke and pave when I screw everything up. So bear in mind that the info I provide below could be wrong. You need to use the Windows recovery console. For this you need a windows xp disk to boot from. If you cannot get a cd to boot from, you should still be able to download the boot floppies from Microsoft site. Do a search for something like "XP boot floppy disks" on the Microsoft site. Use whichever media you have to get to the Recovery Console. At the recovery console you should then be able to use the following two commands in this order 1> fixmbr 2> fixboot Give the machine a reboot and you should be away. S.