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How do you control a remote control motor without a remote control? Answered

I lost the remote to a toy batlebot, but i would like to use the motors for future projects. How do I do that, if posible?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Its really quite simple. If you have a set of screwdrivers and small hand tools, just take the toy apart carefully, find the motors inside the toy and remove them without damaging them. Snip the wires running to the motor (if you dont have a soldering iron or cant solder, leave as much of the wire on the motor as possible). If your getting these motors from a radio controlled toy, then most likely they will be secured to some kind of gearbox. The spur gear attached to the motor is either compression fit to the motor's shaft, or its got a tiny set-screw. remove that and you got yourself a small DC motor. After removing them, one side has the output shaft (the lil dealie that rotates) and the other side has the tabs where the wire is connected. Small DC motors like these aren't polarized - meaning you can connect the positive and negative end of a battery to either tab and the motor will rotate. Be careful with the motor's solder tabs, as they are fragile and too much stress or bending them will snap them off the motor. Also, if you ever ask another question here, try to be as detailed as possible to get the best answer in return.